Saik SA-125 2*AA Cree LED flashlight review

Saik SA-125 Cree LED 2xAA single mode flashlight review, paid 6.41$ at Saik SA-125 flashlight at

The reasons for buying this flashlight, actually two of them were 1)it was the cheapest 2xAA flashlight from China that came with 2)real Cree LED and not some generic no name weak LED.


+ Cree LED

+ Takes two AA batteries

+ forward clicky, which means momentary light activation as soon as you slightly push on the switch, you dont have to actually click the switch in case you dont want the light to stay on permamently

+ rather attractive design for flashlight at this price point(some might like it, some might not)

+ feels lightweight, weighs around 43.5 grams without batteries and 95.5 grams with two AA 2000mAh Eneloop rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries


- as expected for flashlight at this price point it doesnt have real annodization on it, its just thin layer of black paint that scratches rather easily

- not waterproof as advertised, it has two o-rings, one for tailcap and one for head, but there is no  o-ring for lens, thats where water will ingress

- crenelations in bezel show up in beam profile, you will see it on outer parts of spill thus deforming the beam, see gallery bellow this review

- LED’s are not centered and that shows in beams profile, hotspot is not even close to being somewhat centered in the middle of beam and the steeper the angle at which you shine your light upon objects, the more its hotspot will shift away to the side of beam, its very visible,  see gallery bellow this review

- not constant beam profile and brightness among my lights, one is considerably brither and has tighter hotspot while other one is not as bright and has floodier beam,  see gallery$video bellow this review

- light is not 260 lumens as advertised, see below for comparison video between both SA-125 and JetBeam BA20 which has 270 OTF lumens

- light runs really HOT, dangerously hot when left runnig for couple of minutes – there isnt much heatsinking between LED board and flashlights body,  see gallery bellow this review

- and that brings us to fact that for some reason after running for around 5-10 minutes the light will turn itself off, not sure if it has something to do with light overheating or its just another quirk of it

- tried to test battery life but was able to do so only once when using AAA batteries with AA adapters, which gave me “stellar” 10 minutes of battery life from 800mAh cells before the light became unusably dim, soon after that LED started to flicker and the battery was empty. Battery life with AA batteries should be around 25-35 minutes at best given that rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries have 2000mAh-2400mAh capacity depending on battery model*

*Tested current draw with multimeter - draws roughly 1.2amps, thats around 1.5h on Eneloop 2000mAh, but that is in the best case scenario, in real life this light never worked for more than 5-10 minutes…

- switches on both lights failed to work after playing with them for less than one day, they will work now only as long as tail switch is pressed, as long as you release your finger from switch, no matter if you actually clicked it or not, the light will turn off

Other throughts

+/- lens is plastic

+/- plastic “matte” OP(orange peel) reflector with lots of small OP “wrinkles”, dont know whether I should call it LOP(light orange peel) or OP

+/- feels kind of cheap in your hands, but then again, it is CHEAP and doesnt work good, so its epitome of word cheap in its worst meaning   Verdict: Not worht it, avoid this flashlight, there are better options out there for the money.



I dont have enemies, but if I had some, Id give them this for surviving the apocalypse!

After some miscommunication Lightake issued me full refund for faulty items and gave me 5$ coupon code as compensation for troubled items.

Thanks to for taking care of this situation!



And heres the gallery:


2 thoughts on “Saik SA-125 2*AA Cree LED flashlight review

  1. You said this flashlight gets really hot after extended use. I would imagine that would be a concern if a child were to use this flashlight? Hot enough to burn them or anyone else for that matter? By the way, really helpful review!

    • I wouldnt trust this flashlight to children, no way!
      It isnt as hot to burn things or create burns on the skin, however it is uncomfortably hot and as I described in my review – both lights quit working after a while, most likely due to the heat issues.

      I keep them in the drawer as a spares for possible future upgrades with better drivers and tail switches.

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