Tibetan monk warning NASA is hoax

The truth about Tibetan monk Oracle of Shambhala warning NASA about coming Doomsday on 21st December 2012

Now media is full on this story about “Tibetan monk” Oracle of Shambhala who had visions of another end of days scenario. But is it true? Has any of the media citing these news even tried to find out its origins or persons involved?

Gyandrek Kailas monastery hoax

Here’s some facts about Tibetan monk warning NASA:
- NASA did not receive any official warning from Tibet or its monks
- there is no “Oracle of Shambhala” in monastery under Gyandrek Kailas
- in fact, you can’t find much info about Gyandrek Kailas monastery either
- the information about this monk and his experience first published on some Russian blog without any references to originating sources or people
- and can you imagine monks giving warnings to scientists about anything at all?..

Why this happens?
These are the times, when bad news are good news at its best. Media have degraded so far, that they will pull any loud story from an unknown blog or even single tweet, without even caring to check on facts to see if any of the facts are even possible not talking about true.

It is important you do not believe everything that pops up on media, particularly news coming from social media portals like Facebook or Twitter.

Remember Vanga prophecies?
Turns out, the poor lady was blind, could not read, and never wrote her prophecies down on paper not even talking about making a list for the future era! And best part of Vanga’s prophecies? First source to publish her “list” was Russian gossip portal Pravda.ru – yeah, it’s a credible source, sure.


2 thoughts on “Tibetan monk warning NASA is hoax

  1. u got that right about the media. they are a joooooooooooke. they goal is to spew leftist cr@paganda all day long. if a story doesn’t benfit their point of view they just don’t cover it.

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